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Having a flooded home can be troublesome in more ways than just the obvious wet floor or stained ceiling. When your home or business gets wet due to flooding from broken pipes or rainwater there are many other issues that can harm your home other than it being wet. If this wet condition is left  untreated for an extended period of time there could be permanent damage done to your homes structural part as well as a build up of toxic mold. Even if the wet condition now looks dry there can be damage being done behind the scenes.




We Locate Water Damage Repair Professionals

Our water damage restoration companies near you have the training and the equipment available to get your home dry. We are highly skilled in the water damage repair and restoration field and provide emergency water damage restoration for residential and commercial dwellings.  Here are our water damage restoration service areas:


New Jersey

New York



Water damage Stamford | how-to-dry-wet-basementPlease visit these pages for more detailed information about the services and the response time for these areas. In general our response time is less than three hours after we have spoken to you on the phone. If you book an appointment through our online booking system we will still need to call you an collect more detailed information about your needs.


Flooded Basement Cleanup, Water Removal, Water Damage Repair

Water removal cleanup from a flooded basement. Pumping water out of a basement after a water damage floods this house with 2 feet of water. Emergency power supplied by a 5000 watt Honda Generator. How to pump out a flooded basement with a 1.6 HP 130 Gpm Flygt pump removing deep water from this basement very quickly. Water extraction and dry out complete the repair of this flood damaged house.


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